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Shuffleboard League Rules

Game Play

  • Each week, 4 people from each team will pay a 2-out-of-3 game against another team in that division
  • Teams flip a coin at the start of the game, winner chooses which color discs to start
  • Color order is as follows: Frame 1-Yellow, Frame 2-Black, Frame 3-Black, Frame 4-Yellow, and so on
  • After the first match, teams switch colors
  • Games start promptly at the specified time of each division; teams are given a ten-minute grace period for their first 2 players, if after the first game, the second 2 players have not arrived, a forfeit is called and the opposing team receives an automatic win.
  • In the event of a tied score at the end of an 8-frame match, one more frame is played, starting with yellow; if the score is still tied , another frame is played starting with black; and so on
  • In the event that each team wins one 8-frame match, an 8-frame tiebreaker is played:
  • Teams go back to original colors for the entirety of the tiebreaker
  • Teams may choose any members to play the tiebreaker
  • Play follows the same order as in a regular match (Yellow, Black, Black, Yellow)
  • The rules of a regular match tiebreaker are followed in the event of a tied score at the end of four frames
Number of Players
  • Each team must have 4 different players in order to qualify for that week; any team with less than four players will receive an automatic forfeit, and the opposing team will receive an automatic win
  • The same two players must play the entirety of the first match: likewise, the same two players must play for the entirety of the second match
  • At the end of your match, be sure to report the result to the court host desk (win/loss - actual scores are not needed)

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